Capt'n Gene & Dr. Lucy are playing in Bradenton, FL until April 2014, then we will be back in Maggie Valley, NC.
Y'all come hear us play!

Welcome to the official website of The Sea Notes. Specializing in a variety of music including Country and Western, Bluegrass, Cajun and 50’s & 60’s music for your listening and dancing pleasure. Lucy plays the fiddle, Gene plays the guitar and together they are The Sea Notes.

Lucy and Gene met in 2009 and have been playing together ever since. The Sea Notes have played for the USN, USCG, Congressmen, restaurants, bars, weddings, reunions, on schooners, parties etc. They enjoy playing music and having a great time. The Sea Notes live and play music in Maggie Valley, NC during the summer months and live and play there music the winter months in Bradenton, FL..

Whatever your venue The Sea Notes will make your event fun and exciting.

Contact The Sea Notes today for more information or to book a gig.

Rocky Top    Red Wing
T for Texas   Jambalaya
Chinese Breakdown
San Antonio Rose
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